about us

We are dealing with rope-making through five generations, since the mid-nineteenth century as how the great-grandfather chose to live in Čantavir for him and his family as a place of the greatest fairs in the region at that time.

Nowdays there is less need for rope products than they were in the past, but still there is a wide range of applications, especially in business with horses, cows, why we regulary take our rope products to the cattle markets and fairs. Besides the ropes which are used on farms and stables, there are halters for cattle, horses and etc... We make sports nets for handball, hockey, soccer, basketball, boxing rings etc... Our products are used in the construction industry, especially in electrical work, as safety belts for work at height heights, as well as households: knitted garden swings, knitted flower pot holders etc...

Once the ropes where made strictly from hemp and other natural materials and now the ropes are made of synthetic materials. Modern traffic has replaced horse-drawn vehicles and thus less need for products from rope-makers workshop, but fortunately, the family tradition and craft, the market is still searching for good quality rope.

"Marietta Szvetecska Preduzetnik Z.R. Užar-Nandor"
Address: Srbija, Čantavir 24220, Đure Salaja 14
Telephone: +38163/75-090-11 & +38163/75-443-59
TIN: 106113573